Veterinarians Extract 1.7 Kg Gallstone From Elephant In Thailand

A group of veterinarians in Thailand have joined forces to help a 50-year-old elephant together.

He had major health problems, and veterinarians soon found that gallstones were to blame for everything.

The video, which landed on the YouTube network in recent days, is already a real sensation there - it has reached more than 6 million views to date. They filmed a scene when, during the operation, veterinarians pulled a 1.7-kilogram gallstone from an elephant and saved his life.

The elephant named Sai Thong nearly died of kidney failure, but fortunately his life was saved by veterinarians. The operation lasted a long six hours, and at the end a huge gallstone was pulled out of the elephant.

See how a group of veterinarians in Thailand saved the life of 50-year-old elephant Sai Thong. Praise for such action!
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