Videos Show NYPD Cruisers Ramming Into Protesters Behind A Barricade

In many US cities, the government is wreaking havoc as protesters took the justice to the streets.

They are protesting against police violence towards black citizens - a week ago, a video of the controversial arrest, during which 46-year-old George Floyd lost his life, landed online.

Protests are taking place in New York City for the third day in a row, police cars were set on fire on Friday night, and police and many other buildings were also burning.

It is from Brooklyn that a shocking video comes in which a police vehicle drove into a crowd of protesters and knocked them to the ground.

The video quickly spread on social media, and police explained in a response to the public that police officers preferred to drive into the fence rather than meet the protesters on the street. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also sided with the police, accusing the protesters of provoking fate themselves by surrounding a police vehicle.
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