WATCH: Biker Ends On Wheelchair, But Never Gives Up On Riding Bike Again

If there is a will there is a way! The said phrase is certainly known by every one of us, and the claims are repeatedly proved by many inhabitants of planet Earth.

These days, a special video clip was landed on the Internet, which circled the web and impressed many on social networks.

In the short video you can see a motorist, who is driving along the road with the help of a special mechanism with two additional wheels. At first glance nothing special, but only if you don't know the real story behind everything.

Because of a vehicle accident biker ended on a wheelchair, but his desire to ride the bike never disappeared. That is why he created a special mechanism that allows him to drive the engine with the help of friends, even if he doesn't feel his legs anymore.

In the video, we can see an evidence that everything is possible if we only have a great desire. We can only wish the motorist to have a lot of safe mileage and luck while driving the bike.

At the same time, all the respect due to the fact that after a car accident, he again sat on the motorbike!

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