Watch This Mom Sneak Like a Ninja To Avoid Waking Up Her Child

Every parent is aware that kids are unpredictable during sleep. They can wake up easily, and that's why many parents are trying to keep their silence in the evening.

On the web, a special video clip that was taken by a surveillance camera in the kid's room has landed on these days!

Mother Lauren Chamides of Fair Lawn, New Jersey did everything she could to avoid waking up her five-year-old son, Hayden. She crawled out of the little room, then slowly closed the door.

But things began to complicate after only five minutes ...

The little boy woke up, and Lauren's task was for nothing. Shortly thereafter, her husband Chad looked at the footage from the surveillance camera, and then decided to publish the scene online. See how the great mom's venture was captured by a camera in a little boy's room!
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