West Ham Goalkeeper Scores A Magnificient Solo Run Goal

The goalkeeper Adrian, who plays in the West Ham club, made a very spectacular move two years ago that has taken over the whole world.

Because his move was overlooked at that time by many, we share it with you again today.

In the video, you can see a scene when the Spanish goalkeeper Adrian threw the ball over the head of the opposing attacker, and then he went into a counterattack completely by himself. He tricked all the West Ham All-Stars soccer players, came into the penalty area and there he made a shot.

He hit the ball straight towards the goal and in the next second he was already celebrating the score. Well, we can witness even such scenes at soccer matches.

Take a look at how the 29-year goalkeeper Adrian tricked all the players of the opposing team when he took his team to a new lead after a solo run goal!
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