When A Mantis Shrimp Punches A Human

In recent days, a video has landed on the YouTube network in which a fisherman on a kayak caught a mantis shrimp.

It is a very special animal that can create very strong blows with the help of fast pliers. The fisherman also felt this on his own skin.

The video of the fisherman is already a real success online - it has reached more than 4.5 million views on the YouTube network alone to date, and many online users have been left speechless as a result of the mantis shrimp attack.

The mantis shrimp has an exceptional specialty - it uses its pliers as a weapon with which it strikes with extraordinary speed and power. The impact is as much as 50 times faster than the blink of a human eye, and due to its high speed, it creates such power that it can break even an aquarium glass. When it preys in the sea, attacked animals have almost no chance of survival.

The fisherman in the video also felt the impact of the mantis shrimp on his skin. The trapped animal easily pierced the shoe, and the fisherman soon began to bleed from his leg. Take a look at the raw power of a mantis shrimp.
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