Wild Otter Raids The Local Fish Quay After Fisherman Hides A Small Fish

The web has been surrounded by a video these days where we can follow an otter during a very special feat.

Every day it visits the places where the fisherman stores fish, and every day there is also a dessert waiting for it.

The otter is a beast from the marten family, who is perfectly adapted to living in water, where it also spend the most time. Their main prey is fish, and when swimming it helps itself with a strong tail, which navigates it through the water.

In addition to fish, otters also eat smaller mammals and amphibians, and also some plant foods. They are mostly nocturnal animals, but sometimes they peek out in the middle of the day.

Such was the case in the video, and the otter had a very special reason for the daily visit. Namely, the fisherman always hides a small fish among the cardboard boxes in his premises, and the otter is happy to start searching. Take a look at the cute scene the fisherman filmed on camera.
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