Wild Tiger In China Knocks Down Villager, Attacks Car

From the Chinese province of Heilongjiang comes a scary video in which they first filmed a scene where a tiger attacked a woman in the middle of a field, then showed his anger over the vehicle.

Fortunately, the wild animal only knocked the woman to the ground - if they didn't come to her aid with a vehicle, it could all end in tragedy.

The locals filmed a wild tiger when it first attacked an elderly woman in the field - he knocked her to the ground, but he got scared, as one of the drivers came to the aid of the helpless woman. She drove the car into the field, then the tiger attacked the vehicle.

The animal severely damaged the back door and glass during the attack on the vehicle, then the tiger took refuge in a nearby village.

Soon after, the tiger was caught and transported to a nearby zoo, where it was inspected. Look at what drama have been witnessed in China in the past few days.
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