Woman Arrested By Police In Hazmat Suits For Surfing After Testing Positive

From Spain comes a video in which they filmed a dramatic event on Zurriola beach in the city of San Sebastian.

Police officers rushed there, as they received a report that a person infected with the new coronavirus was on the beach.

The woman, who was recently tested positive for coronavirus, went to a nearby beach to surf there, despite the quarantine. Someone reported her, and police officers in full protective gear rushed to the beach.

There, the offender was arrested and part of the beach was closed to the public. After a few hours, the Spaniard was released, and now she faces a high fine.

Failure to comply with the rules could result in a fine of 9,000€ ($10,500), and if she has infected someone with coronavirus, the fine could be up to 120,000€ ($140,000). Take a look at the drama they have witnessed on the beach in Spain these days.
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