Woman Falls In Love With Angry Homeless Cat

One of the hits on the Internet is also a video that landed on the YouTube network last year.

We can follow a wonderful story with a happy ending, where the main star is a stray cat who, with his persistence, found his loving owner.

The video they published on the YouTube network is already a real hit - it has reached almost 2 million views to date, and the unfolding of the story has touched many animal lovers online.

Every day, Anastasia encountered a stray cat named Tiger under her window. She fed him several times, after which the cat eventually began to trust her. When she wanted to adopt a cat, her dreams were dashed due to the conditions of the landlords, as domestic animals were not allowed in the apartment.

The cat was taken over by the temporary owners, but Anastasia managed to convince the owners of the apartment with her persistence to allow the cat to stay in her home. Look at the wonderful unfolding, which will surely touch your heart as well.
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