Woman Repairs Butterfly's Broken Wing With A Feather

The web is surrounded by a beautiful video in which we can follow an injured butterfly.

The author of the video helped the butterfly in a very special way, and the scenes are a real little sensation online today.

On the YouTube network alone, the video with the butterfly reached more than 1.3 million views, and in it we can follow the good work of the woman who found the butterfly.

Because it had a broken wing, it could no longer take off, so the author of the video came to its aid. With the help of feathers, she made him a new wing, then kept the butterfly in check until it could fly on its own.

When she released him, the butterfly thanked her in a wonderful way, and the author of the video even made a tattoo with the image of the said butterfly in its memory. There are still good people among us who are ready to come to the aid of any animal.
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