Woman Rescues An Owl, Now The Bird Thinks She's His Mom

A video went viral on the Internet a few weeks ago, where we can watch a cute scene with a rescued owl.

Leslie saved the bird from death when it was only a few days old - the baby was attacked by another bird, and the owl was left to a cruel fate.

The video, which landed on the YouTube network a few weeks ago, is already a real hit there - it has reached almost 200,000 views to date, and many animal lovers on the Internet are excited about the unfolding of the story.

Curious Cat, YouTube
A woman named Leslie found Oaky the owl when the bird was just a baby. The wild bird attack left him fighting for his life, and Leslie immediately brought the owl home and began caring for him. A sincere friendship developed between them, which touched the hearts of many viewers.

Watch a wonderful video of a rescued owl named Oaky as a woman named Leslie saved his life and started caring for him. Will the outcome of the story touch you too?
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