Woman Sings Powerful Rendition Of 'Amazing Grace' In A Canyon

Months ago, a video from the US state of Utah landed on YouTube, where we can watch a wonderful performance in the canyon.

An unknown woman showed her singing talents in a natural ambience, and with her performance she took over many online users.

Capitol Reef National Park is an American national park in the southern central state of Utah. The park is about 60 miles long on its north-south axis and only 6 miles wide on average. It was there that they recorded a wonderful singing performance, which was provided by one of the hikers.

In the embrace of the canyon, she sang the world-famous hit 'Amazing Grace', written by John Newton around 1772. So far, it has been performed by many singers and music groups, some of whom have also made an adaptation of the song.

Listen to a wonderful singing performance in which one of the female hikers sang the song 'Amazing Grace' in the canyon. Will she impress you too?
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