Woman Spent 6 Months Trying To Catch Tiny Scared Dog At Gas Station

A year ago, a video went viral online showing the rescue of a frightened dog that lived on the streets.

The author of the video spent several months trying to catch the dog and help her. After half a year, with the help of a good man, the dog was finally rescued.

The video, which was published a year ago on the YouTube network, is already a hit there - to date, the rescue of a stray dog ​​has been viewed by more than 5 million Internet users from all over the world.

Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel, YouTube
We can follow the scene next to the gas station in Ukraine, where the stray dog ​​stayed most of the time. The woman from the shelter tried to help her for several months, but the dog eluded her again and again. The only person the dog trusted was a man who was occasionally mowing grass by the gas station.

With his help, the dog Nyusha landed in safe hands - she was treated at a veterinarian, then suitable owners were found for her. Watch the touching unfolding of the story of a stray dog ​​who spent most of her life at a gas station.
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