Woodworker Combines Bamboo Sticks And Resin Into A Beautiful Bowl

The man, who introduces himself on the YouTube network under the nickname Wood Workshop, posted a unique procedure on his channel in November on how to make a beautiful bowl out of bamboo and resin.

The video has impressed many online users and has reached more than 800,000 views to date.

The author of the video combined bamboo sticks and resin in his project and then processed it all together into a beautiful bowl. He wrote in the video that he had some problems with the bamboo sticks that moved during the resin casting, otherwise he is satisfied with the end result.

Web users are much more enthusiastic about the final product, praising the author's work from all possible angles. They are also enthusiastic about the demonstration of the processing shown in the video.

See how a man made a beautiful bowl out of resin and bamboo sticks that takes your breath away with its final image. No doubt a video that you will not be bored with.
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