Workers In Turkey Rescued A Dog, Trapped Under The Ruins For 22 Days

From the Turkish city of Antakya comes a touching story that many have described as a real miracle.

A puppy was rescued there from under the ruins, which survived 22 days buried, and the happy ending moved the rescuers and many residents.

As workers in the Turkish city of Antakya were cleaning up the rubble resulting from a tragic earthquake, they heard a soft whimper. After an hour and a half, they got hold of a poor husky puppy named Alex.

His owner also arrived at the scene of the rescue, after which the dog was handed over to veterinary care. There they found that Alex was quite emaciated and dehydrated, but no other injuries were found on him.

Watch a touching video from Turkey where we can follow a rescued dog named Alex, who survived 22 days under the rubble of a devastating earthquake.
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