"You Took Too Much!" 3 Year Old Is A Better Person Than Mom On Halloween Night

These days, many countries have celebrated Halloween. Especially in western countries, children go from house to house on this day, where they collect candy from the inhabitants.

What a camera shot at one of the houses in the United States immediately circled the web!

Many residents set up candy canes next to their homes for children to pick up candies on their own. The youngsters most often come with their parents, and a surveillance camera filmed a scene these days that left many speechless.

When a mother approached one of the houses with a 3-year-old girl, she grabbed almost all the candy from a bowl without any hesitation. Even her daughter warned her about it, but mother ignored her words.

"Mommy, you took too much," said the girl in a completely mellow and gentle voice, while the scene exceeding half a million views in a single day on Youtube network.

Video is just another proof that adults can learn a lot from our youngest. Bravo to the girl who so sympathetically alerted her mother about her nasty act!
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