You Won't Believe What Plane Passenger Did During Flight

A video clip on which a unexpected scene from the plane can be seen has been uploaded online these days. A passenger took the moment on the camera when another passenger simply lighted a cigarette beside her on the plane.

The video is already a real sensation on the web, and has already accumulated half a million views.

The author of the video reported that she boarded a plane to Minneapolis, and quickly spotted a man sitting next to her. In her opinion, he had no manners.

When he took a lighter and a cigarette in his hands, the author took the camera into her hands and began capturing the scene. And it really happened - the passenger simply lighted the cigarette when the plane was still high in the air.

Concerned passengers called the staff for help, and the men quickly turned off the cigarette. According to his response, he did not know that he was even on the plane...
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