Police Officer Catches His Own Wife Cheating During Traffic Stop

The web has been circulated these days with a video from a police vehicle in which drama was not lacking.

A police officer stopped one of the vehicles and then was shocked to find that the male driver was being accompanied by his wife.

When the police officer asked the driver who his co-driver was, he told him that she was a girl from the Tinder network, intended for dating. The officer experienced another shock when the driver explained to him that he had met the woman for the third or fourth time.

Despite the drama, the policeman reacted completely calmly and soon told the driver to drive away. The wife had to leave the lover's vehicle, then a police officer explained to her that she had to move out of his apartment.

She was left alone by the roadside, and the police officer suggested her to call mother for a ride. On the internet, however, many have pointed out that the scene could have been faked. Look at how the police officer reacted when he caught his wife cheating during traffic stop.
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